View Full Version : Where are the photometric lights in 2014.5?

09-23-2014, 07:52 PM
Is it just my installation or have these been removed? Normally you would right click in the scene panel and you could create photometric lights but now I noticed they are missing. The only options I have are:

New HDR Environment
New HDR Light Studio
New Sun and Sky Environment
New Backplate

09-25-2014, 01:00 PM
Ok I got a reply back from Bunkspeed Support. There are now currently 4 flavors of Bunkspeed software: Shot, Pro, Zoom, Drive. This is news to me but whatever lol, this forum hardly gets used like it used to.

Zoom is the new version that is basically what Pro previously was, with a few additions. Photometric lights have been removed from Pro Suite and now Zoom and Drive only features. If you are on Pro Suite and on maintenace/subscription you should be able to upgrade to Zoom so that you can use photometric lights again.

I posted a feature comparison list here http://forum.bunkspeed.com/showthread.php?1246-Have-caustics-been-removed-from-final-render-panel-in-2014.5&p=6351#post6351