View Full Version : Q: How do I apply a decal?

12-09-2014, 09:49 PM
A: The following webinar shows how decals can be used:


(Fast forward towards the end to see how decals work.)

Here's how to create a decal:

In your Material pallet:

Right click and select 'New Decal'

Drag and drop the decal on the surface you wish to apply.

In the view-port, select your placed decal

Now select your 'Move' manipulation tool

(This will allow you to move the decal across your surface in the view-port.)

Selecting the red or blue box will allow you to scale the decal, left mouse will stretch the texture and right mouse will scale it evenly

( If you hold down the Shift - Left Mouse it will scale it by .25. )

If your decal is cut off, you can increase the decal projection in your decal properties by adjusting the Decal Depth.