View Full Version : Changing installation Drive

03-05-2015, 10:10 AM
Hey guys.
I have encountered a problem with Bunkspeed's 'C Drive only' installation.
I have a small 100 GB SSD drive mainly for my OS. Almost everything else is on a second 1 TB drive. PRO Suite is installed by default in C:, and apparently it's not possible to change it.
I'm running low on space on my C Drive and this induces problems within PRO Suite (apparently it dumps a massive ammount of data into Temp folder and other places everytime you render an image). I had 15 GB of free space before opening PRO and just then I was back to 1.5 GB..nothing happened other than me rendering a few images.

Edit: After another cleanup I got 33GB of free space. After ONE image rendering overnight such space was reduced to 23 GB. That is 10 GB of data..for one image. Is this normal?

Besides the obvious solution of getting a bigger drive (I know, 100 GB is terribly small)....how come a professional tool such as PRO Suite doesn't let me choose in which drive I want it to operate?

I'd appreciate any responses from our friends at Bunkspeed.