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01-30-2012, 11:34 AM
not sure which grafic setup

I could try an evga gtx 570 (reference design - 1280 vram) on my system
(mac pro 2.66 quad core, 5 gig Ram, win 7 64 bit, on bootcamp.)

I tested the rendering with a resolution 960x540, GPU rendering, polygon count 1008671 (your camaro 69).
The passes are low at about 4 FPS. Hyprid rendering was lower in FPS

Questions: 1.) does evga gtx 570 HD (2500 vram) bring up the FPS or doesn't the size of the vram have any effect on FPS ?
2.) does evga gtx 580 (3000 vram) increase the FPS significantly or is the evga gtx 570 HD (2500 vram) price wise the better choice ?

3.) does the use of two gtx 570 double the FPS ? (SLI mode isn't suggested what a could read.)
4.) I have an old nvidia 8800 gt (100 Cuda cores, 8 lanes). Should I use it together with a high performance card (evga gtx 570 - 480 cuda cores-16 lanes)
or does this slow down the grafic performance ?

Which card(s) would you suggest if you don't forget the relation price-performance ?

sorry for my bad english !

Thanks in advance


01-30-2012, 05:01 PM
Memory will only improve performance if you are utilizing all of the memory. The 570 and 580 should give the same results in most lighter weight scenes. If you are pushing some heavy data through, then you might require the extra memory, but if you are currently running on an 8800 then most likely you won't notice a difference with the 580.

Also keep in mind, if you are currently in the market for a new card, that the new cards are coming out quite soon. That should push the price of these cards down, or you may choose to go with a newer card that claims to be 2x, or more, faster.

I just got one 580, but I'm holding off upgrading a couple more systems for the new chipset.