View Full Version : Ray Brush lasso or polygonal tool

03-12-2012, 03:47 PM
I know this is kind of out there, and very Photoshop-esque, but there are a few times where I'm just needing to isolate a general section on the model where I need more passes ran (noise areas for example) just for a quick snapshot for the boss/clients. Reflective surfaces usually render pretty fast but sometimes those complex materials with textures or bump maps need more time to finalize. For those more complex materials I would use the nifty Ray Brush to render those areas up fast while the less complex materials are done for the most part. It would be nice if we could create our own area or outline for the Ray Brush to work in rather than be confined to a circle. Soemthing like where we could select different types of Ray Brush "brushes" like: circle, freehand lasso and polygonal lasso. I don't know. Just throwing it out there and not sure if this is a dream request for others.

03-15-2012, 03:54 AM
This is on our long terms list, as is another helpful feature related to this. I don't want to give too many details since the Keyshot ding dongs seem to crawl our forum and copy every single feature we innovate with. LOL

03-15-2012, 01:42 PM
There's a workaround I've used in 3dsMax before, I'm not sure if it works well for iRay, but give it a try.

Create a piece of flat geometry (you'll have to do that in your modeler most likely) with a whole in it where you want your model to be seen. Assign a flat black material.

The only problem is, this might not give great results in Bunkspeed unless you can have the object be excluded for light calculations, and not be visible to reflections. But it might produce decent results in some cases. I've done that in Max when the scene takes FOREVER to render and I need only a small odd-shaped section to rerender, like the contents of an open drawer. It's rectangular, but in perspective. I create a plane, match it's position to the camera, move it out a hair, and cut a hole the shape I need.

It may not be the solution you're looking for, but until we get some more options similar to the raybrush for final renderings, it might at least spark another idea in your head that will work.