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05-07-2012, 01:22 PM
I'm not sure I follow the logic in the design. Here's how I Want it to work. If others chime in then I'm guessing I'm not alone.

I've got everything I've set up correctly for my first config. So I hit the Add configuration button. This should automatically allow me to name it in the same step instead of naming it "configuration 1" If that's what I want, just hit enter to complete it. Easy.

Now, Start setting up the next one without having to do anything. Finished, so I hit next configuration, give it a name and move on.

Now I move back to C1_firstConcept as a starting point for the next one. I change a handle and save it as C1b.

What you currently have to do, from what I can tell...

Set up a config. The first one is easy.
Now, before you do Anything else, you have to start a new config. So if it stays like this, we should at least be able to lock our configs to prevent accidents.
Now if you're happy with that one, you have to immediately start a new config.
Now you're done, but you want to move around the scene. No problem, add a new config for moving around? Ok done. Call it something like "moving config" so you remember which is ok to mess around with.

Now, you want to render all configs. Wait...you have a "moving config" and you don't want to render that do you? No, so now you have to go back and delete it. There's already some strange interaction that causes your first config to render twice. You don't want to waste time on another one.

Overall I feel like this feature wasn't well thought out or executed. If you are rendering with long render times don't use the render all configs button. Also it sets them all up in one item in the queue so you can't delete just one. You're time is better spent just sending them manually.
Also, you can't render animations with configurations, another sad point.

I just thought I'd throw this out there to see if other people's first reaction to the usage was the same as mine. It seems backward. Define your configuration then it records all your changes, OR set up a configuration, then save it. Obviously you'd need an update button too.

And I'm not even sure what the refresh button is. It takes you to your first config? Why is it a refresh symbol? I'm confused at what that is for.

05-07-2012, 05:05 PM
This is obviously a first iteration on this feature so you feedback is welcome.

1. The "revert" icon takes you back to the "Base Configuration" which is your "working" configuration. You shouldn't have to create "working configuration" manually.
2. Reversing the behavior of saving and editing a configuration is a fair suggestion but i think you'll be met with 50% of people that woudn't like it that way. We needed to make a decision on what we believed (and what early feedback) indicated would be a logical way of handling this. Since our camera system behaves in a similar fashion (You never actually "save" a camera, you have a current camera that you can edit), the behavior matches nicely and is what most of our customer are used to now.
3. We agree with some sort of notion of "locking" a configuration. I'll add this to the list.
4. forcing a user to name a config upon creation seems a bit annoying but i'd like more feedback on this aspect of the feature specifically.
5. As far as rendering all configs goes....its meant to be an easy utility for people that need to render lots of configurations. If you're only doing a few images and they are very high res etc. You probably don't want to use this feature. You're not forced to use it so choose when you do appropriately.

05-07-2012, 06:32 PM
good comments back.

1. fair enough. I also didn't realize that people were using refresh icons for revert, and also the other way around. That sort of makes things confusing. But whatever, not your fault.
2. matching the camera's behavior makes sense. I didn't think of that. I'm definitely on the other side of the fence on that one though. When making things easier makes a mistake more difficult to fix, I like things to help avoid problems. You're undo system is still finicky, so I always like things to default to me Not messing them up. There's nothing worse than moving around a camera only to realize later.....That was the camera you meant to lock, but you had to unlock it to turn off region render or something like that. (also I don't think region should be a feature you need to lock/unlock. Only things that actually move around. You should be able to turn that on/off without unlocking IMO).
3. yeah, if it works like cameras then it should also have a lock feature.
4. you'd think that, but if you make it so you just have to hit enter to skip that, it's one button that takes legit less than 1 second. And making a new config isn't something you do every 10 seconds. When it comes up, the text should automatically be highlighted so you can just start typing and hit enter to complete. That keeps it to a minimum and helps people stay organized with minimal effort on their part. This helps members of a team play as a team. No one will complain about That. Just keep it simple so if you don't want it, it's not obtrusive.
5. Yeah, I know it's for a more than just a few configs, but you gotta try on things with Less configs first to make sure it works as expected. I don't think it should render the reverted state as another configuration, but it does. Isn't the reverted state always the same as your first configuration, unless you changed it later? If you wanted to render that state you would have saved it.