View Full Version : Region size - render size - calculated how?

06-06-2012, 11:52 AM
I'm curious how the region size in width and height is calculated. Mine says 900x600. But where is it getting those numbers? If you change the render resolution they don't change.

Basically, I'd like to know what the final size will be when I render. I need that 900x600 region to be approximately 3000x2000. I maxed out the region and found that it goes to 1401x1051. So my region is about 64% of my final image?
Based on that I have to render my final size at 1.55times the size I want so that my region will render at the size I want?

Is there an easier way to accomplish this? That seems overly complicated to me. I wonder if the region size could be percentage of width and percentage of height? That would more easily translate into how many actual pixels you will get in the end.

06-06-2012, 07:13 PM
For Region Rendering:

1. Set you final, whole image render size in the Render Output dialog. Example 9600px x 5400px
2. Click on Save and close
3. The region you activate will be a portion of the whole image based on how big your region is, up to the whole image size of 9600px x 5400px.

You cannot render a region at a different "zoom level" or "pixel dimension" than the overall image. It also seems like you may be using the region tool in an unconventional way which isn't a bad thing but something we may not have accounted for.

I hope this makes sense.

06-07-2012, 01:10 PM
I am. If you cant adjust the camera back to give perpendicular lines, you can move where you want focus. So instead of having my lines on the left side of the image slant left, I moved the whole scene to the right and zoomed out. But then I'd have to render more than double the resolution to get what I want. So instead, I just render a region.

I must have activated the region while it was defaulting to 1920 x 1080 size. I'll make sure and edit the final output resolution first. Since the region keeps that information, if you haven't opened the render dialogue, it would be nice if it warned something like, "You have not yet accessed the render dialogue for setting a region. Would you like to set your output resolution now?"

I also wonder what happens when I set the resolution, say 4000x4000 for one camera, but then have another camera where I render 2000x3000. How do the region numbers work on the second camera? Maybe it Would be best to have region size be a percentage instead of pixels in order to accommodate for multiple cameras at different resolutions and aspect ratios?