View Full Version : in box basic math

06-12-2012, 02:02 PM
I'd like to do some basic math operations in the numeric text boxes. A few examples:

Position X .0392*2 [for doubling a value]
Position X .0392+.0152 [for adding a set value to a position]
Red 229*.4545 [for changing a value to an inverted gamma]
red 40*255/100 [for getting a percentage of a color, in this case 40%]
rotation X 33.54/3 [for dividing a rotation value]

in some applications that allow this you have to do something similar to excel, like start with an = sign, or an "r" for relative. This tells the computer you intend for it to calculate your number.
I think all I'd need is addition, multiplication, and division, but also the ability to calculate a few operations at once just in case.

I'm not sure how hard that is, but it would sure be nice.