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11-21-2011, 11:59 AM
I posted this in the old forum, so I feel it's fallen off and is definitely needed.

The Need: You have an image that you need rendered full size. Lets say it's 36 inches tall. At 1:1 pixel you can only fit something more like 3-6 inches on your screen at a time. That's a more extreme example, but applies even if it's only a small increase in size. Lets say 150% of your working size? Those noise patterns are bound to change.

The Problem: Currently, if you want to see what your materials Really look like at real size, you'll have to actually hit render. And that's rendering the whole thing image. You can only see around 10-15% on your screen anyway. So why waste rendering the whole image just to preview your material at full size?

The solution: We already have Ray Brush. The code is ready for you already. Just add another toggle next to Magnification that says 1:1 magnification. Of course, that would require Shot to actually remember the render settings for once.
This would allow you to see a detailed area of the material you are working on at the resolution you plan on rendering at. Things like noise, small textures, bump maps, etc. are all impossible to preview at a small scale. In fact, the only things I would do at small scale is posing, looking at value of lighting, general reflections, and general materials. For many renders that might be enough. But for a finished product, we need more detail.

11-22-2011, 04:29 AM
Not forgotten...just have quite the list adding up