View Full Version : How do I create a bump map for bunkspeed?

07-16-2012, 07:46 PM

How do I create a bump map for my material? Is there specific software I need to use? I have PS.

I'm trying to create realistic looking MDF.


07-16-2012, 07:55 PM
Looks like I need the NVIDIA plugin for PS to create normal maps. Too bad NVIDIA's site is down... Does anyone have a copy of the filter? I believe its free so sharing should be alright.

07-16-2012, 08:40 PM
I ended up installing XNormal for its PS plug in and that works alright.

07-18-2012, 11:13 AM
MDF you say? Maybe I'm forgetting what that looks like? I thought it was even more smooth than wood.
If it's the material I'm thinking of, you might be better off using a specular map and avoiding bump maps. Bump maps/normal maps actually end up adding quite a bit of time to your render. This is because each pixel will require additional sampling. If the smaller details of your bump map are not visible, you basically end up super sampling for no reason and you could have saved the time by not using it at all.
For MDF I would take a nice picture of a flat piece of it and create a tileable texture from it. Then create a specular map, i'd try a cloud or something like that with fractal style noise, over a larger surface. So maybe make your box map 4ft. Tile your specular map only once, so there's no repeats. But you can tile your texture a couple times. This way the specular map will mask the fact that your tiling quite a bit.

And don't forget to make a completely different material for the end grain, and seperate your geometry so you can apply both materials. If you don't do that, it won't look realistic. Realism is only as good as the fakest part of your image. So don't waste time focusing on the the textures too much if your product is sitting in a non-realistic environment.