View Full Version : Select GPU(s) for rendering?

08-17-2012, 03:11 PM

I'm eager to try out the seemingly fantastic 2012.5 Bunkspeed release.

I have a workstation configured with both a Quadro 2000 1GB and a GeForce GTX 670 2GB.
The Quadro 2000 is the primary GPU (sitting in the top PCIe slot). I have 2 Windows 7 installations: one with Quadro graphics driver with GTX GPU disabled in device manager (for optimal CAD performance and minimal conflicts > Quadro driver can't recognize GTX), one with GeForce graphics driver (to run both GTX and Quadro > GeForce driver DOES recognize Quadro).

I would like to try out the Bunkspeed Move 2012.5 trial on my Windows 7 with GeForce driver (Bunkspeed rendering is exactly why I picked the GTX 670 when I bought my system early June in the first place ;) ).

Now, I am concerned about a few things:
*Aside from the different memory size between the two GPU's, does the Quadro 2000 bottleneck the rendering performance of the GTX 670?
*Is it possible to select ONLY the GTX 670 for rendering inside Bunkspeed 2012.5 software? (I can't disable the Quadro 2000 in device manager, since it is the primary GPU.)
*In case GPU selection is not possible at present: is some sort of "GPU selection parameter" on the roadmap for future Bunkspeed/iray developments?

I hope some of guy can provide useful insights on this matter...