View Full Version : no undo on default camera

08-30-2012, 02:30 PM
Everyone should always have a junk camera so you can just move around in the scene. You don't ever want to render with it, it's just something you use to move around. You save all your other shots.

Well you wouldn't want undo, Probably, for that camera.

Here's how I would do it:

Have a check box on cameras that says "Allow Undo"
The Default camera has that turned off. So you can choose to have it on if you actually choose to.
If you create a new camera, it could be defaulted to on, or if you copy and paste the default camera because you actually like it's current position, it would default to on.
This way, you don't get your undo filled up when you are moving around checking your texture as you move the UV map around, or something like that.

So that would be my preference on how it's done, but really as long as there are checkboxes that allow me to control which cameras have undo, it should serve it's purpose. I personally just never want undo on default. Some people might. The default should probably be the majority.

I do know you can turn undo off completely on cameras. I like it on for my main cameras in case they get moved if they aren't locked. I'm sure most of us are aware that you might need to move a camera, then undo, to get raytrace to initialize, so I never end up locking my cameras.

10-04-2012, 01:27 PM
I thought this was related so I'm posting it here.

Wasn't there an option to turn off camera undo altogether? I searched seemingly everywhere and can't find it, nor can I find where you can set the number of undos you can have.

The reason I think this is relevant is because I would Really like a camera that I can move around and not have to step through 15 camera moves when I was just inspecting something, to then undo the action before that. If you rotate something with an eyeballed pivot point, you need to check to see how badly the part is intersecting. That's going to take a few camera moves.

So again, if the camera had a "no undo" toggle, you could use it for scene setup.