View Full Version : small rotation amounts when animating?

10-16-2012, 03:20 PM
Has it just been too long since I've been in school and get the concepts here, or is there something wrong with the animation tools?

I've moved a pivot to .6938, 0.0 , -.0217, rotation all zeros
transforms are all zero except position.

Now I just want the object to rotate 90 deg in Y.

Right click, add keyframe. Nothing changes here. Everything is right with the world.

Now I go a second later and rotate the object. Rotating the object moves both the pivot rotation and the transform rotation. Not what I expected, but ok. That's not important here anyway.
The problem is, I only rotated it in Y. The X and Z values constantly jumped back and forth between zeros, and the numbers ended up at -.0288,90,-.0186

Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just not understanding something about the Euler rotation here. Are these number intentionally put in there to try and avoid gimbal lock or something?

I know one thing. I'm confused.


to further my confusion I noticed something else happening. I forgot you can hold ctrl to snap to certain degrees for a moment. Wait, that's not the interesting part! So I typed 90 deg in rotation Y. My Position moved! I deleted that, because undo doesn't work properly for this. I tried the same thing with Pivot Y. Position didn't appear to change this time, but it did. It's 0,-.0002,0
Ok, I can live with that, but WHY? Also rotation X and Z are still doing the same thing.