View Full Version : Tesla C1060 worthless?

11-16-2012, 07:44 PM
I am working on a workstation with 2x 3.33 Intel X5680 processors, 24GB ram, a Quadro FX1800, and a Tesla C1060. It appears to render at the same speed whether in hybrid or CPU mode. I expected the Quadro to be worth next to nothing for Shot. However, I thought the Tesla might be able to do at least something, even if it is an older one.

Also, the system seems to not want to do renders GPU only at all. It won-t even get going on them at all, instead just wanting to calculate how long it will take indefinitely.

Can anyone tell me whether or not this sounds about right? Is a 3 year old Tesla worth nothing? Or is it instead possible that I have something configured wrong?

At the moment, my dinky little Macbook (GT650M) graphics is faster than this behomoth. I know its a couple years older, but still...

11-16-2012, 07:56 PM
Yes, unfortunately the pre-Fermi generation Quadros/Teslas are not very useful at all. Those were design and sold before iray even existed. iray is optimized for Fermi generation cards and newer.

With that said, it should still work, though not as fast as you would think. Are you drivers current? That would be the first thing to check. You may also find that running CPU on that machine would be faster than running GPU or Hybrid too.

I hope this helps

11-16-2012, 08:07 PM
Yeah, the drivers are brand new. darn it! thanks for the info anyhow.

11-16-2012, 09:48 PM

I have a similar workstation and for along time was running an old Quadro card (no CUDA cores) and only had the option to run CPU only. I recently installed a lower end Kepler GeForce card however and brought a bit of useful life back into the machine (in my opinion). I believe this machine will still be useful for some time... without breaking the bank. For this budget machine I was hoping to match a video card to the rendering capability of my dual x5355 Xeons, I think I did. I use this new desktop graphics card for 3D design (Catia V5 and SolidWorks), rendering and a little bit of gaming. The GeForce card does not technically support CAD packages however my years of actual use (with this and other similar configurations) proves otherwise.

My 2 cents... I suppose others experiences will vary.