View Full Version : PowerBoost setup questions

02-05-2013, 06:20 PM
We have purchased 8 licenses for PowerBoost -- the intent is to support several classrooms of students & faculty with centralized rendering horsepower. The PowerBoost facility can be set up as a single head-node/queue with 8 satellite renderers, 8 separate queue w/single renderers, or any permutation in between (4 queues of dual renderers, etc.). My first question is this -- if each head-node has it's own unique ip address, can I provide the students with a single hostname that will distribute requests over a set of ip addresses (eg. DNS round-robin or other load-balancing scheme) or might that break queueing? If a user sends jobs to different head-nodes (transparently), will all the images make it into their Bunkspeed Content/images folder?

My second question has to do with access to the PowerBoost servers? Is the only way to prevent a user from sending a job to a PowerBoost queue is (keep it secret or) implement firewall rules on the PowerBoost servers and limit access by (artist) host ip address?