View Full Version : !!building wheels and calipers....doesnt work at all!!

07-17-2013, 09:45 AM
Hi everybody,
i imported a car in Bunkspeed Drive 2012.6.1 and i have no idea how to create joints to built wheels and calipers like in Hyper Drive.
All i want to do is to rotate/steer the front wheels (Tires, rims, brakes....) for a rendering not for an animation.

The problem is, i followed the instruction....

This subsection tells you how to build joints for wheels.
11.With the wheels selected, click Create Wheels from Selected Parts in the Vehicle Setup section of the Model / Parts Palette. This action builds the joints for the wheels."

...but i cannot find the create wheels from selected parts button.

Is it possible that the physics engine is not installed?? Should be for version 2012.6.1, or??

Could someone please give me detailled informations about this.

Thank you very much.


07-17-2013, 09:28 PM
HI Seb -

Your version does indeed have the physics/wheelbuilding functionality.

The options show up when you have the parts selected, not the model. So, make sure you select all the parts of the wheels that spin (everything except for the brake caliper) on the part level, then you'll see the option in the Palette. Make sure you select the direction the car is facing then click the build wheels button. Then repeat by selecting the calipers and click the build calipers button.

In the version of Drive you have, there isn't a "wheel turn" slider, so you'll just need to rotate each wheel on the Group level manually. The 2014 version has the wheel turn slider back.

Hope that helps