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  1. Hello David,

    did you get my private message?

  2. Hi,

    first excuse my bad english. i am using bunkspeed shot with this symtem:

    asus corshair iv formula
    amd 1100t cpu
    nvidia geforce 570gtx
    16gb ram

    i got some questions and it would be very nice if you could help me.

    1. i want to buy an nvidia quadro 4000. will the rendering be alot faster then with the 570gtx?

    2. the motherboard dosent support SLI. may i use on this board the quadro 4000 and the 570gtx together?

    3. what is better for bunskpeed shot 2x quadro 2000 or 1x quadro 4000

    4. i think to buy an lenove workstation with xeon-cpu. will the workstation speed up bunkspeed more then my actual computer?

    thanx alot and greetings from germany

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