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  1. Hi Bro.
    I like your rendering, I just a very new member. Just signup a while ago. What makes interest me is bundkspeed software is now able to render the interior scene. Great job men. but seems to be your rendering is too long. Is it because lots of models from within the scene are rendered? To be honest , currently I am using 3d max and rendered in Vray plugin engine in our office. It took me to render an interior scene about 1 hour or a maximum of 2 hours with the same quality you had. And it is too upsetting scenario if you are in a pressured situation. I am looking forward for a better and faster rendering engine for my office and personal work. I tried also the keyshot 3, but it doesn't work with interior rendering. I hope there will be a simple way of settings in bunkspeed so I could jump in to utilized it. God bless Bro. more power to you.
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