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    thanks for the quick reply, I was most...

    thanks for the quick reply, I was most concerned/curious abot the graphics card, K2100M seems to be a newer version of the K2000M which was listed as certified in the tech specs for BS2014.
    IŽd say...
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    laptop render setup?


    I would like some help in determining if one of our computers are able to run Bunkspeed Shot 2014.
    this is the most powerful laptop i can get at work...

    The machine in question is a DELL...
  3. install bunkspeed on Workstation and Laptop?

    I have a workstation at work with Bunkspeed 2012 installed, can i use the same license to install on a laptop?
    The computers will not be used at the same time.
    If not, how do i get bunkspeed on...
  4. I have a similar problem w the rhino plug-in:...

    I have a similar problem w the rhino plug-in:
    after installing the plug-in and launching rhino I went to plugins-bunkspeed-exports, there i got to choose one of three bunkspeed icons (unfortunetley...
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    nvidia driver update

    on your homepage you state nvidia drivers 275.xx as certified for bunkspeed, since these were released in aug 2011 its a bit outdated, are there any known issues from installing the latest drivers...
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