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Thread: quadro 4000 to quadro k 5000

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    quadro 4000 to quadro k 5000


    I am running Pro 2014 on a Win 64 bit, 12 cores and nvidia quadro 4000!
    Please, what Speed brings a change to quadro k 5000?
    Thanks a lot!



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    Senior Member Aselert's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    I would say, double speed

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    Junior Member Dale12's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Now, that's depressing, as I'm considering a new Win Hexacore set up with SSD and Quadro K4000, . . .
    This is to replace running under Parallels/BootCamp on a MacPro with dual quad-cores and 32 gigs of ram.
    Here I thought I was moving up in the world, and i'll still be at half-throttle to the K5000.
    No, I am not rendering daily. Though I spend most of my time in WildFire-5 / CREO modeling and only use Shot for final imaging, and glory shots in studio-scenes that will never exist in real life (Grin!)
    But, I do want to build a new machine that will put my geometry in a good light in reasonable time rather than waiting an hour for an image to build to full-screen high-resolution without too much visual noise from short render times.
    Any thoughts?

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    remember the memory associated with the cards too. A K5000 doubles the amount of VRAM you get too which means more data can fit into your scenes. You don't want to be on the threshold with memory usage. As a rule of thumb we support about 5 million polygons per GB.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    Junior Member Dale12's Avatar
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    David- Thanks, . . . my scenes and their assembly components are not as complex as some of the demo-models that others are showing or that you feature on your site.
    Translating VRAM $ the K5000 with 4Gb runs about $425 per Gig, and is capable of 20mm polygons,
    While the K4000 with 3Gb is only $255 per gig, . . . and can work with 15mm polygons, . . . I feel much better now, Thanks!

    Though the lower VRAM on the K4000 means that I'll get to drink more coffee waiting for things to materialize.

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