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Thread: Combining graphic cards

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    Combining graphic cards

    Is it possible to use nvidia quadro 4000 in combination with nvidia quadro K5000?

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    Yes, combining same series cards should be fine although we don't test/certify combinations like that. Just we very aware that you are always at the mercy of the card with the least VRAM. So, when using both cards, you'll only get 2Gb VRAM utilization out of both as the Quadro 4000 is the lowest denominator.

    What i would recommend is workin in Maximus mode with both those cards. That way all graphic processing happens on the Quadro 4000 and all the rendering happens on the K5000. That way you get full access to the K5000's memory and your interactivity and multitasking capabilities stay good.

    Hope this helps
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    Hi There,
    I have a similar question(s). We are an ID firm with a focus on consumer products (no massive 100 part models here), currently looking at upgrading our hardware with the primary focus on GPU but also updating to i7 4790, increasing RAM, run OS off SSD (C drive), etc.
    Our current system is:
    GPU: One Geforce GTX 580 cuda 512 1.5GB ram: Running your Graffiti benchmark 960x540 @500 passes is 83sec (80sec with no other applications open)
    CPU: i7 920 (2.67Ghz)
    Ram: 15GB
    OS: Wins7 PRO 64bit

    The main aspects we want to improve are rendering speeds and multitasking. Currently when we use Shot and run renders it slows the machine down considerably to a point where multitasking is not really possible. From reading through the forums here it sounds like having multiple graphics cards should fix this through running renders on one dedicated card (Maximus mode?) while using the other one for other apps. Our thinking is to hang onto the GTX 580 and buy a better faster GTX series to run the renders from. Would you recommend this? If so what would you recommend from the GTX series to increase our rendering speed. If not what GTX series would you recommend for getting dual GPU's. I ask because following the thread http://forum.bunkspeed.com/showthrea...Bunkmark/page6 it doesn't seem as clear cut as buying a higher spec GTX card.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi WBDe,

    Thanks for your question on this thread and glad you are focusing on upgrading your GPU hardware...you won't be disappointed!

    Although we strongly recommend Quadro level cards for the best Bunkspeed experience, the GTX cards are more friendly on the budget. I would consider purchasing as many of the new GTX 980 cards you can get your hands on. This is a brand new card (debuted 9/18/2014) and will blow your current GTX 580 out of the water (sit tight for our standard set of Bunkspeed benchmarks on this card). As David mentioned in his response in the thread above, you could pair your existing 580 and new 980 running in Maximus mode, to boost render speeds. Budget permitting, I would suggest to purchase 2x GTX 980 for each machine to have a super fast rendering experience. Maybe try this configuration on one machine at first to solidify purchasing more 980s for other Bunkspeed users within your studio.

    Happy Rendering!
    Brian Hillner / Manager Business Development, Design & Consulting / Bunkspeed

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    Thanks for the feedback Brian. Sounds like the 980 will fit the bill. Just to confirm, you can run Maximus with SHOT 2012 version?

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    Yes, can be accomplished by easily right-mouse-click on desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel", then select "Manage 3D Settings" from the list on the left of the NVIDIA window. Locate the settings line that says "CUDA -GPUs" and uncheck the GTX 580 (assuming you are still pairing the 580 with the 980). I would opt to purchase 2x 980s to have a really quick system.

    To get the most out of your new GPU hardware purchase, I would also recommend upgrading to Bunkspeed PRO, which unlocks TONS of high-end features, like animation, configurations, camera post-processing, VR outputs, render queue and much more.
    Brian Hillner / Manager Business Development, Design & Consulting / Bunkspeed

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    I have followed this thread a little. What are the differences between pairing graphic cards and using SLI? What does it take to pair two cards, what are the challenges- power supply, cooling? I have a GTX 580 card at the moment and I would like to be able to render and do other tasks at the same time which a single card not allow fully.


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