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Thread: Clear coated Bump-Materials

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    Cool Clear coated Bump-Materials

    Hey folks,

    Currently i tried to set up a Carbon Material that behaves realistic. Obviosly i have to use a normal map like already delivered in the product suite. Obviously the Reflection gets bumped, too. But in automotive industry carbon parts mostly get clear coated. Therefore just a general question: Is it possible to integreate a checkbox in Bunkspeed materials that says clear coat is not affected? (like in e.g. RTT DeltaGen)

    Would be helpfull, currently i have to render the carbon "diffuse"and another clear coated pass separately to comp it in post.

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    oh man - i feel like a noob.
    Have been searching thorugh posts and spotted the possibilty of layered Materials. Dayum! - now that works well!!

    sry for spam

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