Hey guys! I know you just had a release on 2014, which is great btw.

I've noticed, however, two things that would help a great deal...for the next release maybe?

When a job is big enough and involves multiple images on a single .bif file we all use queue which is great. However, I've noticed there is no way to get a rendered image + some other pass (such as a clown pass) in one operation. It considerably slows down the workflow if one has to produce multiple images and a clown pass for each: One has to "Output" the file twice for one image..not so effective. I know it's possible to produce multiple passes in one operation (such as a clown and a ground shadow pass), but not along with a rendered image.
That would be awesome to have in the future.

The other thing, which I'm sure you heard of before is the ability to choose the max number of passes for FAST mode (which comes standard as 100). For those of us who really benefit from FAST mode, we usually find limitations when 100 passes are not enough for certain materials or geometry. Then, we have no choice but to go to the Accurate Engine. I think controlling the max passes in FAST would allow us to really reap the benefits from it.

To sum up!

Render+Individual Passes in one output operation

Control on FAST Rendering max passes

I hope these notions are not too far fetched and become part of a future release.
PRO 2014 really is a great product but it can be made even better with small tweaks such as these.