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Thread: Mobile render solution

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    Mobile render solution

    Looking for a solution for when on the go. Not a full time render machine...

    Is there any way to get a benchmark feel for render times for the following mobile graphic cards? I'm comparing a few mobile rending solutions. All are i7 with 8gb ram. It's a question of weighing money vs render times and to see which is worth it.

    Intel HD graphics 4400
    Nvidia K1100M
    Nvidia gforce gt 750M 2GB

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    you can throw out the Intel right now. You need CUDA (nvidia only) to render in bunkspeed with a graphics card. Past that, just look at the amount of memory.
    Those two nvidia cards are Very similar. If you use other software that uses floating point it's a no brainer to the Quadro. If not, you might get better performance with the geforce since it's memory is quite a bit faster. You'll have to find info on heat though. The geforce might freak out in 100% usage. Those are built for games, and games typically don't push all cores at 100%. I have a feeling the Quadro cards don't crash as much either. Bunkspeed is nearly unusable for us, and we use all gaming cards. But that Could be for just about everyone that wants some more advanced control.

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    Quadro isn't going to make your machine any more stable with Bunkspeed. I can vouch for that lol.
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