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Thread: Steam Engine Circa 1830

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    Steam Engine Circa 1830

    Hello All!

    I've posting my latest project, a model of a two cylinder steam engine circa 1830. The drawings can be downloaded here if interested:


    I stayed fairly true to the drawings only straying for errors, omissions & additions. I felt every Steam Engine should have a Flyball (centrifugal) Governor so I added one of my own design.

    I always try to challenge myself somewhat on these projects. This time the challenge was to model all threads to proper specs, internal, external, fasteners & fittings. Of course this also means all threads have to be clocked properly during assembly.

    P.S. The renders look best if downloaded in full hi-res from Here. =) ftp://dgoetsch1@davidgoetsch.com/dl/...ne-Renders.zip

    Model Stats:
    Total Parts: 2,645
    Number of bodies: 2,722
    Unique Parts: 105
    Number of Gears: 2
    Total Assemblies: 23
    Total Mates: 223
    Polygons to Render: 27,452,294

    Freelance CAD Design - http://DG-Digital.com


    Steam Engine 03.jpgSteam Engine 01.jpgSteam Engine 05.jpgSteam Engine 04.jpgSteam Engine 02.jpg
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    Couple More...

    Steam Engine 17.jpgSteam Engine 16.jpg


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    Senior Member Aselert's Avatar
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    Nice! Love the welding details!

    Just a stuff, be careful with the focal length, it looks a little bit to high. To have a human look, stay between 30 and 50mm.

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    Excelent modeling detail. I think you could work on composition, materials, environment choice and dof (as aselert mentioned) to improve your images.

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