I have a workstation at work with Bunkspeed 2012 installed, can i use the same license to install on a laptop?
The computers will not be used at the same time.
If not, how do i get bunkspeed on both my computers? i need to work on and off-site...

also, is there a chance of running bunkspeed on a regular office laptop with following specs?

Dell Latitude E7240
Intel corei3-4010U
1,7ghz CPU
8gb RAM Win7 64 bit
intel HD Graphics (shared)

-I know, its a crap computer for 3d graphics, but its the one i was supplied with. i need to know if it will work at all or if i should fight the IT departement for a proper laptop...
my workstation is pretty ok using Nvidia Quado4000 w 256 Cuda so it works fine on that one.

best regards