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Thread: GPU / Hybrid mode displays noise and distortion

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    GPU / Hybrid mode displays noise and distortion


    Hope I can get some help here. Pretty new to this

    Problem: On startup when I choose GPU or Hybrid for Raytrace the viewport only shows noise and distortion. Rotating the camera also lags like crazy.
    I assume this means it does not work?

    I just got a PC so I can speed up renderings. I use to have raytrace on CPU only with my old PC (not Nvidia card) since I couldn't even choose GPU / Hybrid.
    Now I have a OEM GTX760 3GB (192 bit...) from ASUS but I suppose this should work? I don't see a reason why it shouldn't unless 192 vs 256 was a big difference which I highly doubt...
    The GPU / Hybrid tab is not greyed out so it does mean it is compatible correct?

    Drivers are all updated.

    Is there anything I can do? Thanks!

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