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Thread: Was the Render in Background option removed?

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    Senior Member haknslash's Avatar
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    Was the Render in Background option removed?

    I can't seem to find it on the latest version. Did it move or is that option gone entirely?
    Kenny Wilson
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    Junior Member JasonS's Avatar
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    Wouldnt unchecking "Show in Viewport" do the same thing

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    Senior Member JohnG's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Actually Kenny it looks like it's the option to do an inline render that's been removed. You can ONLY do a background render now, that's why the check box has been removed.
    Start a render and check your processes, you'll see the offline renderer working.

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    John G is correct. Inline rendering has been removed. There were too many inconsistencies between inline and background and that separation moving forward would have been even greater so it was time for it to go. We are looking at giving the option to add passes/time to a finished frame in the offline renderer (like you used to be able to do with the inline renderer) in the future.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    That's a good news, indeed! I suppose that's working in the way of the stability

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    Since Bunkspeed is physically accurate I don't believe this is possible (unless you model a billion specs of dust in your environment).

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