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Thread: Animating or switching decals for GUI animation

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    Animating or switching decals for GUI animation

    I am trying to display a GUI on a medical device in Pro 2012, and I can't figure out how to switch a decal on a part to show the progression of screens of the GUI. Is there a material animation like the old Hyper Move?



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    Hi Ross - At this time there is not a material sequence available. This is on the list for a future version
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    If you plan right, and don't move the camera while you change screens you can create a different material for each screen and use that option to render different scene states. I forget exactly what it's called. You'd have to define your sequence anyway, so you wouldn't really be doing extra work. You just have to make sure the camera doesn't move while the screens change.

    Or, as long as the screen isn't rounded, you might look into just tracking and corner pinning that whole thing in post. After Effects is the most magical of tools. lol
    Anyway, it comes with Mocha, which is probably what you'd want to use for that. I've done that with TV screens before. Luckily those have been flat for a few years now, so it's pretty easy.

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