MAYA checklist:

*Make sure these things are completed prior to exporting OBJ*

1. Attach all objects with the same material
2. Apply all transforms to object parts if needed, Freeze Transforms.
3. Assign unique material's to each object
4. Assign texture maps
5. Apply harden/soften normals or Subdivision where necessary
6. Make sure the bottom on the object is snapped to the bottom ground plane, Y-axis in perspective view.
7. Establish texture coordinates for textured and General Bunkspeed shaders
8. Include all texture maps to your obj directory.

Exporting OBJ with MTL file:
Export All options:
File Type: OBJ

Turn off "default file extensions"
Turn On "preserve References"

File Type Specific Options:

Point groups=on

Your OBJ file is now ready to import into any Bunkspeed product.

(Thanks to jbeau for these instruction as well)