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Thread: RGB Values - Bugs?

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    RGB Values - Bugs?

    I noticed today that when taking the default "red rubber" material and changing (typing) the RGB values to match yellow (255, 255, 0) that the material just turns black. In preview mode the new material color will display properly however once ray-tracing is turned on the material appears only as black. The material thumbnail will not update either to show what is yellow, it remains black. Anyone else experience issues like this?

    The work around that I found is as follows:
    1. Apply the red rubber material to my object.
    2. Use only the mouse pointer to slide around the color scale to achieve similar RGB values (as-in do not manually type them in).

    With this work around method both the thumbnail and material behave as expected.

    Sounds like a software bug to me.
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    We havn't heard about this yet but will look into it.
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