If you are like us, right now you're probably staring straight ahead, mouth agape, eyes unblinking, in awe at the great potential that awaits in 2015. Every new year has delivered on its promise to be more dynamic than ever before. We overcame many a challenge in 2014, as we are sure you have also. 2015 has already turned our worlds upside down and demanded greater flexibility, patience and ingenuity than ever before. We can't wait to see what comes our way as the year progresses.

Also, we exhibited at CES 2015! You know, that little Consumer Electronics Expo, that brought in over 170,000 people to Las Vegas, and set new standards in the consumer tech world. We have some impressions from the show, as well as a few other fun tidbits in our latest blog post. Come and have a read, and let's discover the greatness of 2015 together!