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    Hi Bunkspeed/3ds staff.

    From what I've read its almost time for new cards to be implemented.
    This is just a wondering thread. I'm about to buy a new computer and it's almost not possible to buy old cards with Kepler. Can I be sure to get use of the new cards within a month or do I have to wait longer?
    I must say it's kind of a pity that were not able to run the new cards yet, especially since Iray is nvidias baby, but I'll guess 2015 release will cover that :-)

    Any thoughts about what to go for setup? 3x gtx 980 or 2x titan x?
    I know you don't have them in your recommended section (gtx Cards) but if I want pure render speed, what should i choose?

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    Maxwell is still intended to be supported with our next major release. We cannot give performance feedback yet but would only certify performance on the Titans, not 980's. I imagine the speed difference between your choices will be minimal. Titan's have 12gb of vram though which will probably me more valuable to you down the road.
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