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Thread: Bunkspeed Drive Physic Error

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    Bunkspeed Drive Physic Error

    Hi there,

    When I tried to add physic to the wheels , I've encountered a problem which we can see a noticeable crack to the wheel. The usual method, in Vehicle Setup, I select parts and add to Wheels From Selected Parts. I've tried all the vehicle facing direction but still facing the same problem. Ignore the spinning wheels. Please advice.

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    This is because the model’s pivot point somehow wasn’t shifted to the center of the car during import. The wheel building system splits the wheels starting from the pivot point of the model so if the pivot point Is centered on the front axle, it will split through the front wheels (as happened to you).

    Best things to do is to import the model, center the pivot point on the model, then freeze the transforms on the model. Once this is done, wheel building should behave normally.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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