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Thread: Copy models with decals!

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    Copy models with decals!

    Not sure if this has been requested or if there is already a way to do it that I am missing. I would really like the ability to copy a model and have it copy all of its applied decals as well. Often times I will build my decals into my models, that is, when final graphics have been chosen. Other times I find working with decals, the faster way to work, especially when working out the final art on a product. The ability to copy models with all its decals could save me an enormous amount of time and allow me to setup one model and the copy it to show the front and rear art in the same rendering.


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    Hi Mar10,

    If you import a second model (merge to your current scene) to your scene this would solve your problem?

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    okokoo, you are correct. That is a way to work around and do what I need. Thanks for the help! The only real issue with this way is that you duplicate everything. All of your scenes, cameras and materials are all duplicated, which depending on the complexity of the setup could be a royal pain to clean up. I would still really prefer the feature built in but this would help in the mean time.

    thanks for the tip

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