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Thread: Texture mapping with data from Rhino and Alias

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    Texture mapping with data from Rhino and Alias


    apparently, when importing OBJ data from Rhino or Alias or when importing native data, tessellating it with Shot PRO, texture maps assigned do carry over, show up on the material preview ball, but don't render. One has to change the projection mapping from box to planar - but this is projection mapping still. UV mapping, where the texture follows the surface by filling it entirely does not work.

    Does anyone know how to solve this? Think about wrapping a graphic around a round bezel, think about texturing the four sides of a wooden board, etc.

    Any help much appreciated!

    Example: A texture (TIF or JPG) wrapping around a bezel (single 4-sided surface). Obviously, this works in Rhino and Alias. How to do it in Shot PRO though?

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    I've seen that before. I believe I solved it by changing mapping style to box or spherical, then back to UV.

    Also, check and make sure that your UV mapping number is 1. Bunkspeed can't handle multiple UVW maps....yet. I'm really hoping they add that soon for layered decals and other shaders.

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    Changing back and forth between projective mappings and UV mapping does not work on any type of surface. But, what do you mean by UV mapping number having to be 1?

    Yes, as prehistoric the Alias shader system is, it is also 1. easy to understand 2. easy to use and 3. works fine since V2.6 - I mean, mapping the bumpmap with another map to introduce minimal "defects" is not something requiring Fields Medal style math...

    A round bezel can be texture-mapped with a cylindrical map in Shot PRO, but that is a solution only working on, well, cylindrical bezels.

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    Hi andy,

    what do you mean by "make sure that your UV mapping number is 1"?

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    One set of UV's can be arranged in multiple ways. Each set is one UV map. For instance I might have a mug with the inside layed out on one side of the UV map and the outside on the other. Then I decide to have a specular map that's continuous. Now I create a second UV map to hold the UV's in a different configuration.

    This is common, but isn't supported by all 3D applications.

    In Rhino it's found here: object properties > texture mapping > advanced > (add a map) and you'll see the channel number and name for the UV.
    I've seen several people use that map editor, then hit add twice so what they are really editing is map channel 2. Bunkspeed will use map channel 1.

    You can choose map channels in Alias also, but I'm not sure where it is. I haven't used it for about 7 years so other than saying hypershade I have no idea where to head.

    Are you using the latest version of Shot? If not, you should put which version you are using....probably in every post. I know a few people are posting about 2011 and not saying it.

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    Thanks. We updated Shot a few weeks ago. So far (Bunkspeed support is looking at it though), it only works by exporting Alias Automotive 2010+ data as IGS file to Rhino 4.0 and do what you suggest. Of course, that's not the workflow one wants :(

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