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Thread: Depth of Field

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    Depth of Field

    For some reason my camera depth-of-field stopped working. No matter what I do it resolves to full focus. I tried restarting, multiple files, ...?

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    We may want to try clearing your user preferences:

    1. Open "My Computer"

    - In the Address Box type: %temp% and hit enter on the keyboard.

    - Delete the Bunkspeed folder

    2. Now this next step is a bit tricky:

    - In that same window (%temp% window) go up one folder/directory to Local

    - Path should look like this: C:\Users\ Your User Name \AppData\Local

    - Once your in the Local folder go ahead and delete the Bunkspeed folder

    3. Launch Bunkspeed and test Depth of Field with an existing camera and new
    Brian Muhlbach / Lead Support, Application Engineer / Bunkspeed

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