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Thread: Render time incorrect

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    Render time incorrect

    When starting a new render with 2 hours, background renderer or queue,the time jumps directly to 70% 0s remaining.The "real" time is about 20minutes.
    Next try with 2,30 hours, starts directly with 11% finished in about 40min.
    Any suggestions?

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    Problem solved

    Itīs a bug.When using region option in BS Zoom,you have random rendertimes.Only when render the whole image,the
    render time is what you want.BS please solve,region option useless at the moment.

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    We will look into that but i would hardly say region render is useless because of that
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    Hi David, region render as an option is very useful.But if i need 2 hours for a good rendering and the "real" rendering time is
    more or less randomised between 10 to 20 minutes, i canīt use it.For an exhibition I had to render a big still (2,5x3m/18000px).
    Rendertime for the whole picture 16 hours.I planned 4 additional region renders with 3x2hours and 1x1 hours.Failed as described.
    So i had to do 3 more complete renders, tried to optimise render power by disable everything what was possible, but need 3x12hours.
    That makes a difference from 36 hours to 7 hours=29hours!!! Thatīs no joke when working on a deadline!

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