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Thread: Communication with the Bunkspeed License server could not be established

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    Communication with the Bunkspeed License server could not be established


    after having had problems with the harddisc I reinstalled my PC including Bunkspeed Shot which I activated with the existing license --> Worked well. Unfortunately I had another problem which forced me to reinstall the complete again (of course with 100% identical hardware.
    When I try to activate Bunkspeed Shot 2011 I get the following message:
    “Communication with the Bunkspeed License server could not be established. Please email the bunkspeed-License-Request.txt file that has been saved to your desktop as an attachment to licenserequest@bunkspeed.com.”

    After reinstallation I thought it could be that the second network card on my motherboard is having something to do with it, but (even) Pro/E works perfectly after I deachtivated one of the network cards ... just as it used to be before the re-installation.

    I mailed the bunkspeed-License-Request.txt there, but did not get any reply ... neither from support.

    As I need to create some rendering for a presentation I am feeling extremely unhappy, unhappy by the Shot problems, and unhappy on the missing answers :-( Is there anybody whoc experienced same problems and know how to solve it?

    Thanks in advance
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    License Request

    Hi Stephan,

    Can you send me your Bunkspeed-License-Request.txt. Please send it to Brian@bunkspeed.com.

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