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Thread: Blade server farm?

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    Blade server farm?

    We're looking at purchasing a blade-based rendering farm to support PowerBoost. Anyone out there doing something similar? The hardware options that we've considered so far only certify Windows Server 2008 (and Linux)... not Windows 7. While that might not be a problem(?), it definitely prompts me to ask around. Thank you much for your input, links or references!


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    Yes I would like to know this information also

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    Windows Server 2008 is ok to run PowerBoost on. We also have a linux flavor of it that supports CentOS. We would be happy to talk to you about this in more detail (email sales@bunkspeed.com). The most popular configuration of hardware to support PowerBoost that our customers are using so far are HP, Exxact 6/8 GPU enclosures that sit in 4U rack mount enclosures. Exxact actually has a GPU buy-back program so make it easier on your wallet when new generations of GPU's come out.
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