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Thread: Titan X?

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    Titan X?

    Has anyone used the Titan X with Pro 2014.5.xxx? I just installed it and my FPS is the same in CPU mode as it is in hybrid mode, and the GPU mode does not give me any real time raytrace (just preview). Does the Titan X not work?

    I was using a GTX 770 before, but every time I had Light Studio open and tried to save something in BS the program (BS, not Light Studio) would crash. So I thought I'd try the Titan to see if it fixed the issue. It did not. Would a 780 give me a better chance of no crashes than my 770? Seems like some people have been using the 780 with Pro....

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    Hi amoncur,

    the Titan X uses the Maxwell architecture, but BS supports only the old Kepler cards.At the moment,you have no benefit when using the
    new powerful cards.BS announced the new release for Q 2/2015,then Q 4/2015 and now to Q1/2016 for the BS 2015 version.We will see.....

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    Maxwell support is coming officially Q1 2016 with BETA coming available Q4 2015.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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