Having ALL of your images saved in one place is a bit of a pain, and lends to many people's terrible habit of leaving every file ever rendered in one place. This Quickly gets messy. And as this is generally a local location by default, doesn't lend itself to a shared workflow.

If there is an option to store a project directory, as most others call it, with a file we could solve this. The way I've seen it done before is have every file opened search for a file (probably xml based) in the same directory which describes it's custom folders. You can override the folders upon creating that.

You'd override the Library Paths with where your images are located for sure, projects should be defaulted to wherever your first save is located, and maybe plates and textures, but that's all up to you. You could override any of them you choose. I already have our materials centralized on the server so I'd probably never choose that, but it's always nice to have the option.

If I'm working on a particular project as is a coworker, I want to see their images in the same folder as mine.

One problem that might happen from this? Overwriting files upon render if both people render to Shoe.1.jpg at the same time (just an example). So an autorename to Shoe.1.1 or something like that might be also nice if it already exists. I feel like as soon as you hit render it should also check the location and warn you of existing names. I'm not so sure it does that currently, or at least not well. I've had it write over files without telling me, and without me wanting it to. That's rare though.

I think that's about it. Hopefully this makes it on the list.