Dave, hi.

I have some questions regarding the next steps with Visualize and was going to contact you guys myself but then I thought maybe there are other users in my exact position. So, maybe having this conversation here could be fruitful.

I don't use SolidWorks for modeling and I very much doubt I ever will. I use Rhinoceros and, for now, PRO Suite 2014.

That being said, I use PRO Suite an individual tool, separate from my CAD software. I'm a little skeptical with this whole thing and I'm trying to determine what is the best course of action for me and every other user in similar situations.

Soo, here goes:

- I'm guessing "Visualize" will also be a tool in itself (rather than being a part of solidworks)..right?
- I'm also guessing it will bring some new features
- You guys already mentioned it will read other widespread CAD formats

Soo...will Visualize continue to be useful for people like me who use other CAD packages and don't want to venture into Solidworks?

Thanks in advance,