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Thread: External Cudas for laptops

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    External Cudas for laptops

    Can anyone list what the options are for supplementing the internal GPU power of a laptop while using Shot?

    My laptop has Thunderbolt, USB3, and Ethernet. Any information on what methods might be available for increasing the rendering power of my machine would be greatly appreciated!

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    Some options available, mostly pci based. Seems like thunderbolt based units are a bit harder to come by...looks like there are ways to put one together yourself and some options on the doorstep from come manufacturers like MSi and Alienware.



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    External Cudas

    We purchased a Cubix 4 slot expander. Bios update was required only to find that our machines Dell T3600 were only capable of adding one more graphic card. We had a BOXX computer that allowed us to handle 5 Nvidia K40 graphic cards with the Cubix expander for a total of 14,400 Cuda cores. These K40's still required a graphics card for display, I guess you can say I'm statisifed now.

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