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Thread: Some feature requests.

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    Some feature requests.

    Hello Bunkspeed,

    Thanks for making iRay easy to use. But there is still a lot of work to do. Over the last few months of using Bunkspeed Pro, I've collected a few feature requests that I would like to see in the short run. I think for the most part, these are easy to implement and are within the scope of what you are trying to achieve with the software. I'm not sure what the best format for sharing these ideas are, and I'm sure a big list is not the greatest for a forum, (do you have a bug tracker/feature request system for us to use, i.e. Trac?)
    • Additional split part mode: auto split all “loose parts”, splits parts that are not welded together/touching with respect to a tolerance
    • Move camera/move spot light tools more intuitively. One big annoyance is that if I have a spot light set up, I can’t just copy and translate it over. Offer traditional rotation/translation tools on top of current target/direction interface.
    • Remove arbitrary restrictions on camera settings: i.e. distance (.10), focal length, perspective—even if they cause weird things to happen.
    • Perspective camera (fish eye, sky domes, equirectangular maps)
    • Keep deep tree structure when importing STP files or CAD assemblies.
    • Instancing. Really needed for our medium to large economy class aircraft cabin interior renderings (I believe this is an iRay issue?)
    • Knock out shader (iRay matte shader) (pure alpha + shadow catcher)
    • Copy & paste (duplicate) parts/pieces within models.
    • Apply same scale of material to multiple parts simultaneously
    • Intuitively applying multiple properties to multiple selected items, i.e. locking/unlocking cameras, changing texture scale, etc.
    • Quick snapshot from all cameras, similar to rendering from all cameras.
    • Optimize file load and saves for large documents, or create asynchronous background saving (200 MB, 25M polygons can easily take 10 min to save/load and this is very disruptive to work. Especially when the software is prone to crashing and you feel tempted to save everytime you want to try something different.)
    • Large scenes: rendering to queue is asynchronous/non blocking – good. File saving is synchronous/blocking. I would prefer to save and then render, but currently it is much more effective to render and THEN save. Ideally this shouldn’t matter.
    • Add thousand separators (commas or spaces) for polygon count to more easily gauge orders of magnitude.

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    Awesome list...I find myself needing some of those items regularly, specially the split loose part item. I import my models from Rhino and if I make a mistake while dividing my model into layers and find out when I'm already in PRO, I have to re-import the model.

    Sometimes I just erase the part and then upload a partial model to replace said part, but still, it's a tedious setback to my workflow.

    So, I think that would be a pressing item on the list.


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