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Thread: spiral ring

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    spiral ring

    Untitled Project 80.jpgUntitled Project 78.jpgUntitled Project 79.jpgGold ring, diamonds and tourmalinesAnillo espiral.jpg

    I put three more pictures to see what you think
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    Administrator david.randle's Avatar
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    Very nice! Love the creative design as well.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    Senior Member blitz's Avatar
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    The ring design is beautiful, however I find the image and lighting composition too muted and dull for my taste.

    Increase the environment light and contrast a bit. It will look like a million bux.

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    Thanks for the reply, perhaps with little focus and vignetting both lost a little ring, I'm doing another image, to have a while to go up, thanks for the constructive criticism, are what help to advance.

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