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Thread: Minimum requirements for processor?

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    Minimum requirements for processor?

    I have been running Bunkspeed from my Lenovo w510 for three years now. I used it recently but now I'm told that my processor does not meet minimum requirements. I know that my pc is not suited to render and run Bunkspeed optimal, however it did run and I could use it to render some simple images. What has happened?

    I am in the process of ordering a optimized pc with i7 3770 processor and GTX 680 2 gb graphics plus more. Be aware that I do not use Bunkspeed on a day to day basis. I can read that often the discussions on this forum is more heavy users.

    Any comments?


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    What do you mean that your processor does not meet the minimum requirements? I've you've been running iray on the CPU for 3 years, nothing has likely changed. With that said, you could be rendering a lot faster with the addition of a decent graphics card. The GTX 680 is a good choice but i would recommend the 4GB version, not the 2GB. 2GB of VRAM will be limiting for you.

    If you give me more info on what version of Bunkspeed you have been running that worked that now "don't" i can provide more help.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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