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Thread: tear offs

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    tear offs

    This is more of a workflow issue. Not sure how other people are set-up but I would say many people will be using a multi screen environment (I also run some film editing software) The biggest workflow problem is I cannot get mulrtiple asset windows up. I would like to have the object lister - model based materials and asset based material up simultaneously - in other programs it is possible to tear these off, or have multiple windows open - just makes my workflow faster.
    Other than that - can i say - GREAT JOB - loving it more than previous version - utilisation of new materials - especially thin film is great.

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    This is how I work with Photoshop, the image is open on my main monitor and then I have lots of windows open on the second monitor, layers, channels, histogram etc. Its make for a much faster workflow.

    With Bunkspeed I tear off the palette and put that on the second monitor, but I still have to step through the various tabs, cameras, materials etc. It would be much quicker if I could separate them out.
    Also when I quit and relaunch Bunkspeed it "forgets" that I had the palette on the second monitor and I have to drag it over every time.

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