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Thread: Textures / Materials

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    Textures / Materials

    - I would like to have a slider for the transparency of the bitmaptexture like layer transparency in photoshop so you can controle the strength of the texture

    - it would be useful when the full path of the loaded texture is displayed by a mouseover in addition to the name

    - im not lucky with the glow materials. they have a good outer glow but you loose all geometry details inside your object and if you turn up the emission value it just gets white at the inside of the object. i think glow materials are still much better at v-ray studiomax.

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    phoenix -

    @1 - good suggestion. we will be working on exposing more texture image controls like that for our next major version.
    @2 - That should already work. Where are you mousing over that isn't giving you the texture name?
    @3 - There technically shouldn't be any "glow" at all right now since we don't have a nice bloom postprocess yet. That is coming
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