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Thread: Cartoon effect

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    Cartoon effect

    I am trying to figure to how to create an animation with a cartoon/technical drawing feel. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? It can't be photo real.

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    one of our team members created some cool, stylized camera filters. They arn't quite "Toon" level but they look pretty interesting. I've asked them to share them here.
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    Hi murratw1,

    Please click the link below to download a toon-ish camera filter I have created by tweaking the Post-Processing sliders in the Camera's settings. I found that decreasing the Gamma and increasing the Exposure will give some pretty cool results.

    Also attached is the resulting render, using our new Fast raytracing mode. I found that in certain lighting scenarios, Fast gives better toon results than our Accurate mode does, so try exploring both raytracing modes.

    Thanks for your post!


    Brian Hillner / Manager Business Development, Design & Consulting / Bunkspeed

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